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Arthur baron of Seckendorff Gudent (* 1. July 1845 in resound with Basel; "† 29 November 1886 in Vienna) was a Swiss-Austrian forest scientist.


1868 he was private lecturer in Zurich; 1870 he became a professor at the academy of forestry Mariabrunn. From 1874 to 1886 leitere it the Forstliche federal laboratory of Austria. This forest research center had been justified 1874 by emperors Franz Josef, in order to examine in particular the consequences from large eradications and deforestations to. Since 1875 he was also a professor at the university for soil culture in Vienna.

Seckendorff Gudent has end 19. Century first attempts made the age regulation by trees by means of year rings. (See Andrew Ellicott Douglas and dendrochronology)

Writings (selection)

Scientific main writings

  • Circular area boards to the use with wood mass photographs (1875, 2. Edition)
  • Forstlichen conditions of France (1879)
  • Contributions for the knowledge of the (1881)
  • Sheeting of the torrents, afforestation and Berasung of the mountain reasons (1884)
  • To the history of the regulation of torrents (1886)

Publisher activities

  • Reports from the forstlichen test system of Austria
  • Central sheet over the entire Forstwesen


  • Artur baron v. Seckendorff Gudent (1887)
  • Herbert Killian: Do they Arthur baron von Seckendorff Gudent, general forest newspaper, Vienna 1986, consequence 11, page 351
  • R. Wow: Arthur baron von Seckendorff Gudent and the early history OF tree ring crossdating, Dendrochronologia, 19, 1, 153-1258, 2001

See also: Of Seckendorff

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