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An arm loop is a medical aid to immobilizing the arm with injuries, illnesses/inflammations or after operations. Most well-known the triangle cloth from the first assistance might be here. Apart from this acute measure immediately after injuries and accidents arm (carry) to bolt also after instruction of the physician for the actual treatment or for the support of the healing process are used. This can be e.g. with gypsum federations (in particular upper arm gypsum) the case. Also with inflammations, e.g. Epicondylitis ("tennis arm ") can provide immobilizing in an arm loop Linderung, likewise with other provoking and overloading features in shoulder or elbow.

Beside the well-known triangle cloths among other things ready for use, bag-like arm loops are used into different sizes. In addition there are prefabricated belts and volumes, which can be adapted inviduell. Some physicians and hospitals do without prefabricated materials and make arm loops and backpack federations from federation hose, which is filled with padding that cotton wool, even. Even if the use of an arm loop is pleasant with complaints in shoulder or arm, this should not happen without physician attendance, since an immobilizing of the shoulder can lead to the Gelekversteifung, which leads to additional complaints and makes large treatment (Physiotherapie) necessary.

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