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The ark Warder is a registered association, which has the goal of saving and of protecting with the help of a park threatened house and utilizable animal races. The park became in May 2004 with the help of the environmental protection organization Greenpeace newly opened and is freely accessible for visitors.

The Tierpark is because of the motorway 7 in the proximity of the place Warder with Kiel in Schleswig-Holstein.


Among the existence rank nearly 1000 animals, whose races are acutely threatened by becoming extinct (excerpt of the inventory list):

  • OldGerman Frisian valley cattle (3 animals in Warder, 120 animals world-wide)
  • (3 animals in Warder, 160 animals world-wide)
  • Multicolored Bentheimer pig (13 animals in Warder, 100 animals world-wide)
  • Houtland sheep (6 animals in Warder, 200 animals world-wide)
  • Poitou Riesenesel (5 animals in Warder, 200 animals world-wide)

See also

Society for the preservation of old and endangered domestic animal races, association for the preservation of endangered domestic animal races, endangered utilizable animal races

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