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Apollonia is a ruin place in central Albania close of the city Fier. The city Apollonia became in 6. Century v. Chr. as Greek colony of Kerkyra under participation of settlers from Korinth based. In the city numerous autochthone Illyrer lived beside the descendants of the Greek Kolonisten. For Aristoteles Apollonia was an important example, with which he analyzed the political system of the Oligarchie, because the descendants of the Greek Kolonisten controlled the city and prevailed over the population of majority of illyrischen origin.

Apollonia was like Dyrrachion an important port at the illyrischen coast and one of the western starting points of the via Egnatia after Thessaloniki and Byzantion and/or Konstantinopel. Occasionally the city belonged to the realm of the Pyrrhos. Since 229 v. Chr. stood it under Roman protection. 148 Apollonia part of the Roman province Macedonia became, later belonged the city to the province Epirus. In the civil war between Pompeius and Caesar it stood on sides of the latter; 48 v. Chr. it was taken by Marcus Iunius Brutus. the later Roman emperor Augustus Octavianus in the illyrischen Apollonia studied 44.

The purge also in Roman time of the prosperierenden commercial centre began in the 3. Century, when an earthquake changed the run of the river Vjosa and the port Apollonias landed. The Christianity entrance into the city found early. Bishops from Apollonia were on the Konzilien of Ephesus (431) and Chalcedon (451) present.

In 14. Century was established to the virgin Maria antlers width unit monastery on the antique city. In its walls today with archaeological excavations saved antique find are issued. A part of the finds is also in the archaeological museum of the capital Tirana. While confusions, which 1990 the collapse of the communist regime in Albania released, the archaeological collection of Apollonia became Over longer time it came also to robbery excavations on the area of the ruin place.

Odeon (theatre)Antique road


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