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Anton baron von (* 21 February 1731 in Saulgau; "† 11 February 1803 in Vienna) was a Austrian physician and university teacher. He was a body physician of the Austrian empress Maria Theresia.


Anton was born in at that time frontAustrian Saulgau in upper swabia, lost early its parents, came to Vienna and as a Waisenkind in a poorhouse was educated. There it visited also the High School and studied philosophy. This study locked it 1752 with the acquisition that Magister. Thereupon it studied medicine and attained under its Mentor Gerard van Swieten 1757.

An activity as a practical physician followed, and its sound sequence became known fast in Vienna. On 30 June 1758 it became "first Physicus" of the urban institute for supplying for citizens become impoverished in the in Vienna, the in such a way specified. call continued to increase, and with 29 years he already attained 1760 the position of a "k. k. Leibmedicus", in which it repeats the emperor and habsburgische princes on journeys accompanied. Thus it traveled 1764 with emperor Franz Ith Stephan and the ore dukes Joseph and Leopold for king coronation/culmination Josephs to Frankfurt/Main, 1769 as medical companions of the ore duchess Maria Amalia after Parma.

Maria Theresia selected into as a treating physician, when she was stricken of the smallpox in the year 1767, and appointed him after her healing their personal body physician.

On 2 February 1771 it became Assessor of the k. k. Study and Hofkommission, at 27 June of second and director of the medical faculty of the Viennese university. On 1 July 1771 he was appointed the "Protomedicus", 1772 the "first body physician" with the title of a k. k. Yard advice. it sketched a study plan for the medical faculty (1775 publish) to 1772, in which he demanded a training course and set up a certain order of the fields of activity which can be studied. Its university career was crowned by the appointment as the Dekan of the medical faculty and as the "Rector amgnificus" the Viennese university.

During its career it published numerous medical papers. In particular its (in the original in Latin language drawn up) work to the pharmacology excited attention in completely Europe and into German and French was translated. investigated the effect of welfare plants like the Wasserschierling (Cicuta virosa), the Herbstzeitlosen (Colchicum autumnale) and for the Stechapfel (Datura) on the basis exact investigations at recovering and ill.

On 22 April 1775 was taken up to the Austrian baron conditions, on 22 June 1777 to the down-Austrian gentleman conditions. It was member and honour member in numerous scientific societies of Europe.

His brother Matthias was likewise a physician and was active as a body physician of the Grand Duke of Toskana. Also he was raised 1779 into the baron conditions.


Latin expenditures

  • Dissertatio inauguralis medica de conceptu, partu naturali, difficili et praeternaturali, Vienna 1757
  • Annus medicus primus et secundus, quo sistuntur observationes about morbos acutos et chronicos, adjiciunturque eorum curationes et quaedam anatomicae cadaverum sectiones, Vienna 1759
  • Tractatus medicus cum diversis experimentis de Cicuta, Lausanne 176X
  • Libellus quo demonstratur, Cicutam non solum usu interno tutissimis exhiberi, sed et eats simul remedium valde utile in multis morbis, qui hucusque curatu impossibiles dicebantur, Vienna 1760
  • Libellus secundus, quo confirmatur: Cicutam non solum"…, Vienna 1761
  • Libellus, quo demonstratur: Stramonicum, Hyoscyacum, Aconitum non solum tuto posse exhiberi usu interno hominibus, verum et I/O eats rem dia. in multis morbis maxim salutifera, Vienna 1762
  • Libellus, quo demonstratur: Colchici autumnalis radicem non solum tuto posse exhiberi hominibus, sed et ejus usu interno curari quandoquoque morbos difficilimos, qui aliis remediis non cedunt, Vienna 1763
  • Libellus, quo demonstratur: Herbam ceteribus dictam flammulam Jovis, posse tuto et magna cum utilitate exhiberi AEG red anti-bus, Vienna 1769
  • Instituta facultatis med. Vindobonensis, Vienna 1775
  • Praecepta medico practica in usum chirurgorum castrensium et ruralium ditionum austriacarum, translation of J.M. Schosulan, 2 volumes, Vienna 1776
  • Libellus, quo continuantur experimenta et observationes about new facts sua medicamenta, Vienna 1765
  • Libellus de usu medico Pulsatillae nigricantis, Vienna 1771

German expenditures

  • General guidance for the Vorbeugung and for the healing of the Hundswuth, Vienna 17XX
  • Paper that the Stechapfel, the mad herb and iron guarding flax humans cannot only be given internally completely surely, but also in many outside diseases welfare-ends means is, from latin of G. Neuhofer, Augsburg 1763
  • Paper on the safe use and the serviceability of the Stechapfels, Bilsenkrautes and iron guarding flax, from latin of S. Schinz, 1763
  • Paper on the use and the serviceability of the light flower, hrsg. by S. Schinz, 1764
  • Observations of the use and the serviceability of the Schierlings, from latin, Vienna 1764
  • Observations of the use and the serviceability of the Schierlings, from latin by George Ludwig Rumpelt, 3 parts, Dresden 1765
  • Zwo papers on the use and use of the fuel herb and the white Dyptam (from latin), Nuremberg 1769
  • Paper on the a grafting of the Kinderblattern, Nuremberg 1771
  • Paper on the welfare seed use of the kitchen clip, Nuremberg 1771
  • Medicini classes, in which observations over acute and chronic diseases etc. are contained, Vienna 1774
  • Medicinisch practical instruction for the field and of the Austrian States of, 2 volumes, Vienna 1776

Many of works appeared also in French translation.


  • Anton baron of, in: Constantin of Wurzbach (Hrsg.): Biographic encyclopedia of the Kaiserthums Austria (60 volumes, 1856-91). Volume 39, S. 117ff. (Digitalisat)
  • Erna Lesky: The Viennese medical school in 19. Century. (= studies for the history of the University of Vienna; Volume 6). 2. Edition. Graz and Cologne 1978, ISBN 3-205-02022-7
  • Bruno Zumstein: Anton Stoerck (1731-1803) and its therapeutic attempts. (= inhabitant of zurich medicine-historical papers; New row; Volume 54). Juris, Zurich 1968 (at the same time thesis of the University of Zurich)

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