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Angband is a Rogue similar computer game of roles.

Usually the language used within the play is English. The play becomes licensed under the Angband License. The play and the source code are freely available.

General information

Angband is a Rogue similar computer game, which is based on Moria and Umoria. The play is settled in central earth. "Angband" is the fortress Morgoths. The rules remind of Dungeon & Dragons.

Despite the possibility of playing Angband also over telnet at a server it is a pure singles match he play. Since it is a real time play (the player can think arbitrarily for a long time about his next play course), is a multi-player mode not possible. There are however special versions with changed rules, which make a multi-player mode possible (MAngband and TomeNET).

A goal of the play is it to reach stage 100 Dungeon and to defeat the final opponent there of the Morgoth. On the way by the coincidence-generated Dungeon stages one meets multiplicity of monsters, which have their origin in the central earth mythology, in D&D and in the Rogue tradition. The player character can have a multiplicity of races and classes, which are taken over all from Tolkien's universe or at least of it inspired.

Despite the simple representation the play has a very large play depth. There are innumerable articles, opponents and special artifacts from central earth (e.g. the one ring).

Generally are considered "*bands" as one of the two main lines of development to that rogue similar plays. The emphasis is somewhat differently set than with "*hack" - the similar plays. The official guidance calls the play Dungeon simulation, it goes less around the release from mysteries than tactical procedure. So it is to be equipped e.g. very importantly the adventurer with the correct resistances and magic aids to take or also in case of emergency with powerful opponents in time flight.

For discussions over the play, there are nose report and proposed amendments the newsgroup Patches can be sent in at the Maintainer.

An interesting characteristic with Angband is borrows, an automatic player, that even in the situation is independent the play (!) to win.


The diagram of Angband is represented, as in all Rogue similar plays with the help of the ASCII character set.

Left one sees the race, the class and the rank of the player. Among them further character values are specified. The remainder of the screen is the playing field, # is a wall. is a free surface. @ is the player, t is a village inhabitant. The colored numbers are entrances to different houses.

Angband is for many computer systems available, among other things for MS-DOS, Unix/Linux (with variants among other things for curses and X11), MacOS and Amiga. The modular, well commentated source code permits the simple adjustment on not yet supported systems.

Exist also several diagram-corrode for Angband, which can be used on some systems.


The current version is Angband 3.0.6.

It exisitieren innumerable variants of Angband, one is e.g. Zangband. Zangband is not aligned at the central earth mythology, has however a multiplicity of new features. Thus Zangband does not only play in the "Dungeon", but one can enter also the surface. Other variants e.g. attach importance to faster play (QuickBand) or another combat system (OAngband).

Also the Angband variants those are interesting common playing on Internet servers make possible (MAngband and TomeNET).

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