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Andreas's C. Knigge (* 6 April 1957 in Hanover) is a German lector, journalist and a special book author over Comics. He was more than 16 years long a chief lector of the Carlsen Comics and in this function also publisher of the Comic yearbooks of the Carlsen of publishing house. 1991 it shifted the first Manga series there with Akira in Germany. Knigge, which besides as translator and a free journalist works, has also own scenarios beside Comic encyclopedias and several special books written. From 1974 to 1981 Knigge as well as Klaus Strzyz was besides publisher of the Comic technical periodical Comixene.

Works (selection)

  • together with Achim Schnurrer: Picture women, woman pictures. A commentated picture documentation on the picture of the woman in the Comic, Hanover 1979, ISBN 3-88464-010-0
  • Sex in the Comic, Frankfurt/Main, Berlin and Vienna 1985, ISBN 3-548-36518-3
  • together with Gerd Lettkemann: Continuation follows. Comic culture in Germany, Frankfurt/Main, Berlin and Vienna 1986, ISBN 3-548-36523-X
  • together with Klaus Strzyz and Carl bark (preface): Disney from the inside. Discussions over the Imperium of the mouse, Frankfurt/Main, Berlin and Vienna 1988, ISBN 3-548-36551-5
  • Comic encyclopedia, Frankfurt/Main, Berlin and Vienna 1988, ISBN 3-548-36554-X
  • as publishers as well as Richard Marschall"ยด: The large helping east he book, Hamburg 1992, ISBN 3-551-02816-8
  • Comics. Of the mass sheet in the multimedia adventure, Reinbek with Hamburg 1996, ISBN 3-499-16519-8
  • Everything over Comics, a discovery journey from the cave pictures to the Manga, Hamburg 2004, ISBN 3-203-79115-3
  • '' Comics. Of Lyonel Feininger to kind Spiegelman, Hildesheim 2004, ISBN 3-8067-2556-X

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