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Anarchy on-line one is massifs Multiplayer an on-line Roleplaying Game (MMORPG) 30,000 years in the future on the planet the Rubi Ka plays. It was published 2001 by the Norwegian company Funcom. Even if release and the first months were not very successful, the play in the course of the time to a popular on-line game of roles gemausert itself. Which was expansion reached not least by regular nose-fixed, content update and. At present (2005) Funcom has a special and unique offer in the MMORPG category, it is possible AO until January 2007 to be tested, free of charge at least the Classic variant without the expansion (Notum Wars, Shadowlands, Alien invasion). The moreover one the play is characterised those by a background history detail-fallen in love very much, partly by descriptions of the articles, discussions with NPCs (non--player characters), so mentioned newsposts in the forum, further articles on the official Website, Ingame Events and a very detailed Zeitlinie.


Rubi Ka is a small planet, which exhibits however an important occurrence at Notum. Notum is a substance, which is for the important nano-technology from enormous value.

Rubi Ka was discovered before 800 years by the hypercorporation Omni Tek. Omni Tek leased and terraformte the planet and began the valuable Notum in mines to diminish. Since the conditions of work in the mines were regarded of many the worker as unworthy, it came to a revolt and since Rubi Ka is in a condition of the conflict with a politically very unstable condition. At present there are on Rubi Ka beside Omni Tek still different groups of rebel clan, which are fought against Omni Tek on the sharpest. Besides there is still another third group to remain tried in this conflict neutral.

The play

In this on-line game of roles thousands of players play at the same time along and against each other. At the beginning of the play each player provides a play figure, whereby he the selection between four different races and 14 (without Shadowlands expansion: 12) different occupations has. This choice affects the abilities and possibilities of the play figure. At the beginning of his journey the player with its newly created character falls and appears on a large-scale entering he island, in order to learn by smaller missions the basic principles of the play. Here it decides by the discussions with special Recruitern whether it would like itself to attach one of the sides in the conflict or further as a neutral character in the world wants to live and from the conflict keeps out in such a way. Starting from there the possibilities are very various, since there are no given goals. One should naturally strive money earn and experiences gain, so that the play does not become boring. For this one can accept either different missions, with which one gets money, articles and points of experience as reward, simply into the wilderness goes out and these from wild animals, Mutantenhorden from failed experiments and other bad-willing creatures releases or one of the Dungeon visits, in which one can fulfill Quests and find special, valuable Items. Naturally one can talk also with its fellow players, accept and with them act common missions.

The play is constantly extended and improved. In the meantime there also an extension set is "Notum Wars" in that it additionally the possibility gives within player organizations of parts of Rubi Ka in possession to take. One has an area for its organization keeps one thereby different Boni on abilities of the play figure conquered.

The play is by the enormous world and the marvelously arranged diagram also optically much responding.

Further one of expansion luggage

  • The Notum Wars (February 2003 appeared)
In The Notum Wars which PvP element of the play one continues to develop. Organizations on Rubi Ka can establish outguards in Notum haltigen areas and defend these with turrets and weapons. The possession of these fields brings substantial advantages with itself, so that violent fights between the Gilden of the play are inflamed.
  • Shadowlands (Septembers 2003 appeared)
With this extension the playing field was almost doubled. The Shadowlands represents another level only over special portals to reach is. With Shadowlands Fantasy elements were introduced into the Science Fiction Hintergrundgeschichte of Anarchy on-line one.
  • Alien invasion (Septembers 2004 appeared)
The range of this extension orients itself in approximately to from Notum the Wars. Here the players receive now the possibility of establishing own cities for their organization. These cities are attacked frequently by Aliens, which Rubika threatens. Again once team ability is in demand for the preservation of the own properties.
  • Eden draws (planned for summers 2006)
Planned features are: PvP in/um orbital stations, controllable Mechanoids, further Perks, SAMs for the protection of the Notum Towers.

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