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Amstaff Muzx is from Mr. Long and bass Sultan Hengzt justified independent underground RWS label.

The label founders belong also today still to the signs of Amstaff Muzx, under contract stand further the crew Automatikk.

The probably most well-known member of Amstaff music is the former colleague of Bushido, bass Sultan Hengzt, which among other things already took up TRACKs with Sido of Aggro Berlin and King Orgasmus. At the 3. March 2006 appeared bass Sultan Hengzts solo album "citizen of Berlin lip ". Further there was a union with the label Murderbass of the echo nominating producer DJ Ilan, which created this only 2003. Since then both Amstaff/Murderbass arise to label under the name.


  • AM001: Bass Sultan Hengzt - RAP does not need Abitur (album, 2003)
  • AM002: Mr.Long - Sexy of asses (12 " Maxi Vinyl, 2004)
  • AM003: Mr.Long - dirty dog (album, 2004)
  • AM004: Bogy & Hengzt - from district to district (album, 2004)
  • AM005: unused
  • AM006: Automatikk - the Killatape Vol.1 (CD-Mixtape, 2005)
  • AMU001: Bass Sultan Hengzt - citizen of Berlin lip (CD-Maxi, 2006)
  • AMU002: Bass Sultan Hengzt - citizen of Berlin lip (album, 2006)
  • AMU003: Bass Sultan Hengzt - millionaire (CD-Maxi, 2006)

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