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Amplifier charges also boosters]] mentioned serve for igniting insensitive explosives. This concerns a Sprengpatrone which with an high-explosive explosive (e.g. Nitropenta, poured TNT, ANFO, CL20) is filled. Serves amplifier charges as igniting mixture for an enormously insensitive explosive, like nitrate of ammonium explosives, whereby the amplifier charges themselves must be brought by a blasting cap to the detonation. It works thus in certain way as ignition amplifier of a

Amplifier charges made of strong more easily ignitable mostly explosive explosives then the initial to the detonation to be brought. Such are:

  • ANNM
  • poured TNT
  • Dynamite
  • Hexogen
  • PETN

But already a larger quantity initial explosive is mostly sufficient for ignition.

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