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The amber coast is northwest of the Oblast Kaliningrad, a Russian enclave at the Baltic Sea a coastal strip so designated because of its large amber occurrences from Kaliningrad (king mountain in the earlier East Prussia) in. Here amber in the open mining is won, which already mentions Tacitus in its Germania. He speaks of the people of the Aesti, who acts with amber, and documents the designation glesum.

In Germany large stores in the Mark Brandenburg are - e.g. between Berlin and Stettin with the nature park Barnim and with Eberswalde. One found this kind of amber contrary to East Prussia rather coincidentally - with the dam and canal construction in the sand of the geological Urstromtales, which pulled Thorn to the German Baltic Sea coast before millions years south until. Archaeologists assume the close border to today's Poland a commercial centre for the amber, which probably arrived here by tectonics of the north.

One calls the trade routes of the amber up to the Mediterranean, desired as decoration, Weihrauch and medicine, for a long time amber route. Their main branches led from the o. e. Stores by Austria to the Adria, a western branch from Hamburg to Marseille. At traffic centers (the e.g. close Weichsel and Danube) already early market towns developed. In Lower Austria the Romans partly fastened these age-old traffic lines around the turn of an era to weatherproof Roman roads.

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