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:Bedecktsamer (Magnoliophyta)
: (Liliopsida)
:Lily something similar (Liliidae)
:Asparagus-well-behaved (Asparagales)
: (Asphodelaceae)
Scientific name

The aloes (aloe) are a plant kind from the family of the (Asphodelaceae). To the kind about 400 different kinds, their natural spreading belong are only Africa, whereby most of it are resident in the south of Africa.

Some aloes have inside its sheets a gelatinous juice, whose main part is water and to which with some kinds of aloe welfare-end, relaxing or cosmetic (particularly with aloe Vera) effects are after-said.

Some kinds of aloe are suitable as house plants for sunny windows or winter gardens. Like all other Sukkulenten they have it gladly warmly and brightly, and should be moderately poured.

For attention 1712 the bloom of a miracle aloe in the park of the lock provided.

Kinds (selection)

  • Genuine aloe (A. vera)
  • (A. dichotoma)
  • Aloe hereroensis
  • A. arborescens


According to Johannes (19, 39-40) Nikodemus sends aloe and Myrrhe to the grave of the Gekreuzigten.

Aloe arborescensAloe lateritiaBloom conditions of the aloe lateritiaBloom conditions of the tree-well-behaved aloe (aloe arborescens), South Africa
Bloom conditions of the aloe succotrina, South Africa cape provinceBloom conditions of the Samali aloe (aloe somaliensis), SomaliaAloe helenaeAloe parvula

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