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Aloe hereroensis
: (Liliopsida)
:Lily something similar (Liliidae)
:Asparagus-well-behaved (Asparagales)
: (Asphodelaceae)
Aloes (aloe)
Scientific name
Aloe hereroensis
  • A. hereroensis ssp. hereroensis
  • A. hereroensis ssp. lutea

The aloe hereroensis is a plant type from the kind of the aloes (aloe), which belong to the family of the (Asphodelaceae).


The circulation area extends over Angola, Namibia and the South African provinces Free State and northern cape province.


There is sukkulente Pflanzen.Die of several years aloe hereroensis normally forms a Rosette, which reaches diameters up to 50 cm. In individual cases however no folders form up to three Rosetten. The color of the sukkulenten varied from cyan to brown-violet, with bright, short strips on the lower surface. The page margins carry for short, pointed thorns. The bloom conditions about 60 cm highly and are several times branches out. To the end they carry zwittrigen, triple blooms over approximately 10 cm length bundle with 4 cm long, conical, oranges.

The older sheets die and color themselves dark-brown to black. Depending upon location the dead sheets remain or by wind and sand are destroyed, so that only a black, sukkulenter trunk large up to 1,5 m stays.

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