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Construction period:"… - 1970
Height over low:197 m
Height over foundation bed:202 m
Memory space:2649 millions m
Water surface with full back-up:137 km
Wall volume:2,186 millions m
Crown length:567 m
Power station achievement:810 MW

The Almendra dam at the river Tormes is the highest dam in Spain. The dam is on the border of the provinces Salamanca and Zamora in close proximity to Almendra.

The artificial lake has a memory space of 2,649 million cubic meters, finds partial one in addition, the specification 2,413 millions it for generation of current was built and by Iberdrola is operated. The hydro-electric power plant named Villarino carries 810 megawatts out. The water is transported thereby by 15 km long lugs.

The concrete dam consists of three buildings of different type: The center piece is one doubly curved elbow rope wall; this reaches the maximum height of 202 M. the two sides by two differently designed gravity dams is formed. The right has retaining walls similarly a dam buttress.

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