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The Allgaier of works GmbH is a world-wide active group of firms, which is active in the ranges automotives and process engineering. The enterprise was created 1906 in the Uhingen. The company brought after the Second World War for the first time a tractor with the type to R 18 on the market. one sold the tractor and engine manufacturing to 1955 to the Porsche Diesels engine construction GmbH.

Today pressing and plates for the automobile industry as well as filter, drying and granulation plants are manufactured.

Beside the Hauptwerk in Uhingen, the enterprise has branch works in the whole world.

Acting partner is since 1975 Dieter Hundt, which is since 1996 also German employer president.

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Allgaier Kaelble R22 (1948)Allgaier Kaelble (1950)Allgaier A22 (1951)

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