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Alfred new farmer (* 29. March 1891 in Ostrau; "† 22 August 1980 in Stuttgart) was running leader of the Mercedes Grand Prix team from 1926 to 1955.

New farmer was an officer in the k. and k. - Army, where it itself also with the repair of vehicles busy. To end of war it went to the Austrian car manufacturer Austro Daimler, where Ferdinand Porsche appointed it the director/conductor of the bringing in department.

Starting from 1922 new farmer drove also to running, however without large success. When Ferdinand Porsche went 1923 to the Daimler engine society to Stuttgart (Daimler Benz was created only 1926), carried forward it new farmer as a proven coworker. Since new farmer had recognized that it was not a large running driver talent, it came 1926 on another idea: It invented the post of the running leader.

Because the running drivers had to date no connection to the external world, sometimes they often did not know, because of which position they were, and a driver after running the message were surprised that he had won. Therefore Alfred new farmer invented a thought out system with flags and boards, with which he could give tactical references to his drivers. When it tested the system for the first time on 12 September 1926 with Solitude running, it was requested by the meeting leader hereditary east to leave the racing course because his "Mumpitz" would irritate the drivers. On Neubauers reference, he is the running leader, answered the sport president: "You are from The running leader am I! "

Soon numerous successes of the Mercedes crew adjusted themselves, which were driven out until 1931 with the Mercedes SS and SSK Rennsportwagen and often on the account of the then best driver Rudolf Caracciola went. Neubauers portion existed not only in its tactical fate, but also in the perfectionistic, nearly military twisting of the mechanic crew, which the team always a time advantage in relation to the competition provided.

A master achievement Neubauers was the organization of the employment with the Mille Miglia 1931, when it had to travel with its few aids across Italy, in order to be in each case before Caracciola at the critical points.

The time of largest successes was the silver arrow era (1934-39), which began nearly with a flop: The regulation prescribed a weight limit of 750 kg, but the balance indicated one day before the first employment of the again-developed car 751 kg. New farmer and Manfred von Brauchitsch came finally on the idea to remove the white lacquer. The silver aluminum plate showed up, and the silver arrow was born. The silver arrow era was coined/shaped by the dominance of the German racing cars and the rivalry of Mercedes and Auto-Union. During its most successful phase the Mercedes team consisted of the master drivers Rudolf Caracciola, Hermann long, Manfred von Brauchitsch and Richard Seaman.

After the war Mercedes Benz wanted to intervene as soon as possible again in the running happening, however for 1954 new running formula was written out, and no new development was worthwhile itself for the remaining short time. Therefore as embarrassment solution the construction Mercedes 300 was reworked in such a way that from it the Rennsportwagen 300 SL originated in to 1952. New farmer drove these to victories with the Carrera Panamericana and the 24-Stunden-Rennen von Le Mans.

When into the Formel-1-Saison 1954 again formula racing cars went from Mercedes to the start, the new silver arrows proved as just as superior as before the war, and Juan Manuel Fangio became 1954/55 Formel-1-Weltmeister. New farmer in Le Mans experienced its probably blackest day as running leaders 1955, when a Mercedes 300 SLR without own being to blame for was hurled into the spectator quantity and 80 humans killed. New farmer took the remaining cars from running after consultation in Stuttgart.

Mercedes withdrew itself after the Le-Mans-shock from racing, and Alfred new farmer went into pension. When it pulled a cloth together with Juan Manuel Fangio over the racing cars, which should roll now in the museum, it had tears in the eyes.

When Mercedes Benz operated 33 years later, 1988, for the first time again work-moderate automobile racing, Alfred new farmer was already dead. It is today part of the legend around the old silver arrows, since 1997 gives it in the formula 1 again silver arrows of McLaren Mercedes, first running a silver arrow by the way directly by one was won: with the season prelude 1997 in Melbourne David Coulthard in the silver arrow won.


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