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Albert Caesar Tocco (* 9 August 1929 in Chicago; "† 21 September 2005 in Terre struck) was an US-American criminal and Mafia Boss in Chicago.


Albert Caesar Tocco became after the death of franc LaPorte into the 1970er years the Mafia godfather in Chicago Heights.

It was seized 1988 in Greece and delivered to the process to Chicago. On its account numerous brutal murders went, whereby it had not admitted time life a murder. Its from it separated living wife Betty communicated in an interview of Sun Time 1990, it 1986 Tocco would at that time have helped the Spilotro brothers Tony and Michael Spilotro on a Kornfeld with Enos, Indiana, to have buried. Betty Tocco and their son were placed after the process under the protection US-American witness protection program. This event became model for the Hollywoodfilm "Casino", which Martin Scorsese filmed 1995 with Robert De Niro and Sharon Stone.

Tocco was condemned on 5 January 1989 for extortion, conspiracy, compulsion and tax evasion to life imprisonment. Successor of Tocco became Dominick "Tootsie" Palermo.

Its brother Joseph Tocco sits because of extortion in a prison in Arizona.

Tocco died at a cardiac infarct due to of blood high pressure in 16. Year of its punishment in the federal prison in Terre struck, Indiana.

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