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Albert Anselmi (* 1884 in Marsala on Sicilies; "† 7. May 1929) was in the twenties of the past century an order murderer for the mafia in Chicago. Admits became it particularly by the murders to some of the gene well brothers. These murders were given to Capone in order, which wanted to defend its area by the Gangsterboss at that time aluminium.

1929 planned Anselmi, John Scalise, and Joseph Guinta despite small chances of success a notice on Capone. Probably a waiter or a Capones attained main bodyguard Frankie Rio knowledge of the plan. Since Capone did not want to believe it first, he placed to the assassins a trap: With a meal Capone and Rio produced an apparent controversy. Scalise and Anselmi offered Rio thereupon on and their project revealed an alliance. Capone saw its pride and his loyalty heavily hurt. To 7. May 1929 gave it a large flank to the organization, with which all guests were examined before on weapons. Scalise, Anselmi and Guinta were, resulted in the Autopsie, in the case of this fixed meal already drunk, when Capone struck down them with a baseball bat. Subsequently, the three were still shot. George Meyer, a former driver, said later, Capone was so racing before rage been that the others believed, he a heart accumulation had suffered.

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