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Airline Tycoon (briefly RK called) is a computer game series of the category restaurant economics, which is developed and published by Spellbound. Part one appeared in August 1998; on part of two one works at present.

Play principle

Airline Tycoon is not classical and a not too restaurant simulation with much humor, which can be taken seriously. Thereby a Comicspiel concerns la WAD TV.

With airline Tycoon one managt an airline. One has three competitors which all a special play style to have. At the beginning of the play one can decide for one of four players, the others takes over itself the computer. If one takes thus a player the one appears heavy, one has easier Spiel.Die missions is thus enough from simple passenger transportation up to the building of a rocket launch pad and is very varied. One can accomplish detailed controls despite the often and spend among other things money on graduation, as well as the ticket prices skillfully used. The play has a complete acoustic output and contained an also different Eastereggs.


  • Airline Tycoon (original), 1998
  • Airline Tycoon roofridge Class (ADD on), 2001
  • Airline Tycoon evolution, 2002
  • Airline Tycoon Deluxe, 2003
  • Airline Tycoon 2 (in development), 2. Half-year 2007

Airline Tycoon was translated and permitted also on English and French starting from evolution Multiplayerspiele for 2 - 4 players over the network or Internet. Also play records on a rank list can be conveyed and seen on the official Spielewebsite and be exchanged airplanes even arranged.

At the 24.Mai 2006 airline Tycoon 2 was officially announced and is to thus come 9 years to the appearance of part of 1 into the shops. Differently than airline Tycoon, airline Tycoon 2 in 3D to be, Comic graphics is to remain however preserved.


The play was praised to the by many sides, since the play principle was innovative and new. However the praise became with the successors ever smaller, also because the changes remained minimal and thus the plays only for fans was.

Also RK evolution was sold as full price play, although it represents contentwise only an ADD on. This has to be to blame for however according to Armin Gessert of the Publisher.

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