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Africell is a portable radio company in Africa.


Africell operates its business in the westAfrican States of the Gambia and Sierra Leone. The society is thereby a subsidiary of the Lebanese telecommunications company Lintel. For the broad market Prepaidkarten are sold and for enterprises and/or businessmen of portable radio contracts. The dispatch of Short Message service (SMS) is also possible in the GSM net (GSM 900 net). The Lintel operates beside the domestic Mart in Lebanon in addition business in Morocco and Saudi Arabia.


Africell the Gambia Ltd.

In the Gambia Africell over 70.000 customers has and is after the Gamtel, the portable radio daughter the Gambias Telecommunications company, the number two in the Gambian portable radio market. This market, which these two enterprises divide, rose in the years 2001 to 2002 by 166 per cent. Africell started in the year 2001 in the Greater Banjul AREA and in the year after in the other regions. In this stage of development further nine cities were seized, attached in a further stage further seven cities. The receipt is not yet ensured over the whole country surface covering nevertheless, but the population centres, in particular the Kombo St. Mary AREA, are taken off.

Africell the Gambia locked with 140 other portable radio enterprises. By the 120,000 tourists in the year, who visit the Gambia, Africell receives high yields by the Durchleitungen from discussions. With Germany Africell with CO2 PLC has a contract.

Africell Sierra Leone Ltd.

To Sierra Leone the selling was taken up on 28 February 2005, within the first half yearly could be won over 35.000 customers.

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