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Scientific name

The (Asphodelaceae) is a family of the bloom plants. They were assigned in former times to the lily plants (Liliaceae), are however related after newer realizations only far away to these.

From the 11 kinds and nearly 800 kinds are described. The spreading is old lay, with emphasis in Africa and particularly in the southern Africa, a further emphasis is there from the Mediterranean area to central Asia. As characteristic in the spreading the kind Bulbinella is resident in New Zealand.

There is occasional persistent Rhizomstauden, bushes, rarely tree-like plants. Some kinds are medicinal plants - so the aloe vera. The blooms are as triple with all Bloom formula: \ star P_ {3+3} \; A_ {3+3} \; G_ {\ underline {(3)}}

Anthracenderivate (Anthranoide, Anthraglykoside) are usually in so-called Aloinzellen - anthranoidhaltigen parenchymatischen cells - contained, the Phloemseite of the sheet guidance bundles surrounded; Steroidsaponine are missing almost.


The 11 kinds of the family Asphodelaceae are:

  • Aloes (aloe) - 400 kinds
  • Junkerlilien (Asphodeline) - 20 kinds
  • Affodill (Asphodelus) - approx. 15 kinds
  • Bulbine - 60 kinds
  • Gasteria - 20 kinds
  • Haworthia - 70 kinds
  • Torch/flare lilies (Kniphofia) - 70 kinds
  • Trachyandra - 50 kinds
  • Eremurus desert tail - 45 kinds
  • Bulbinella
  • Jodrellia
White Affodill (Asphodelus albus)Asphodelus aestivusEremurus robustusAsphodelus luteus
Haworthia coarctataKniphofia hybridAloe lateritia

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