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The advice of the district was partly comparable in the structure of state of the GDR the middle national management level in each of the 14 districts (without Berlin as capital), to a today's federal state parliament, district administration or a national administrative office. Decisions took place via the district day (GDR), which was selected in the local elections as single list of the national front. The authority was led by the chairman of the advice of the district.

The respective advice of the district the Council of Ministers (GDR) with its Ministries was in Berlin superordinately, subordinate was however the advice of the circle and the advice of the city (municipal authorities) of the circle-free cities in the Bezirksterritorium.Zu the different specialized divisions belonged among other things the Bezirksplankommisson of the national plan commission.

Within the district the work was controlled and determined strongly by the respective semidirect line of the SED. The function of the first secretary of the semidirect line of the SED was the substantially more influential power level in the district.

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