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Actros is the name for truck series of the mark Mercedes Benz of the DaimlerChrysler AG.

As successors of the "heavy class" (SK) the imported Actros was not only a new model row, but in many technical details a completely new vehicle. As a successor of the "SK" it "weight class new" was also called, briefly SKN.

To the innovations belonged:

  • Electronically regulated compressed air brake (Telligent brake assembly, a technical term from telematics and intelligent) with disc brakes at front and rear axles (for building site and area employment further drum brakes were available).
  • Integration of the controllers into a network (CAN bus), blocked in the vehicle.
  • Advancement of the well-known electro-pneumatic circuit (EPS) to the Telligent circuit with new transmissions.
  • New engines of the series 500 (V6 and V8) with Telligent motor control.
  • Flexible Telligent maintenance system.
  • New rear axle HL 8 without planetary gears.

The engines

All Actrosmotoren would fulfill at the beginning the euro 2 exhaust standards, later also to euro 3. For the first time the new series 500 used in the Actros received the designation "COM 501 LA" for the 6 cylinders and "COM 502 LA" for the 8 cylinders. COM stands for oil engine, "L" for load air cooling, "A" for loaded, thus with turbocharger.

All series were conceived in such a way, which for nearly all engines, all the same which achievement, partial equality exists. Different engine performances are produced almost exclusively by changed software in the engine expensive equipment.

The following motorizing were offered:

V 6 engines COM 501 LA

  • 230 KW (313 HP) with max. 1530 Nm torque
  • 260 KW (354 HP) with max. 1730 Nm torque
  • 290 KW (394 HP) with max. 1850 Nm torque
  • 315 KW (428 HP) with max. 2000 Nm torque
  • 335 KW (460 HP) with max. 2200 Nm torque

460 HP of variant in the engine program one took only later

V 8 engines COM 502 LA

  • 350 KW (476 HP) with max. 2300 Nm torque
  • 390 KW (530 HP) with max. 2400 Nm torque
  • 420 KW (571 HP) with max. 2700 Nm torque

Again with this series also the fuel injection is according to "pump line nozzle" (PLD) the principle. Here each cylinder has its own injection pump by its own cam on the cam shaft is propelled. The fuel system of the pumps is made by a mechanically propelled feed pump. In the return of the injection pump is an electromagnet, which is headed for by the engine regulation (MR). Thus the MR can determine depending upon operating condition start of injection and injecting duration. The injection pressure is then mechanically developed. The injection nozzle opens at approximately 300 bar, the maximum injection pressure lies at up to 1800 bar.

The Topmodell of the Actros series is the Actros BlackEdition. It is limited on 250 units. This model captivates by Interieurs (Vogelaugen-Ahorn, leather steering wheel, coverings also in-punched Mercedes star.). It is from the outside identifiable by particularly the radiator grille arranged for this model, new nose apron, chromium-plated outside mirrors"… is propelled the Actros BlackEdition of a V8-Turbodiesel with 450 KW (612 HP) in euro from 15,9 l capacity.

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