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The ACT UP movement developed 1987 in New York (the USA). Activists of the AIDS movement, which was organized so far locally as Gay Men's Health Crisis, and was mainly in the ranges prevention and care engaged, became increasingly impatient with the allegedly unpolitical attitude of this group, and united, in order to recruit more offensively in the public for more means for research and for leistbarere and more effective medicines against the rear virus. The name ACT UP is an abbreviation for AIDS Coalition ton of Unleash power, meant however in the English language also about "revolts itself".

Belong to the organization not only gays, but also liberals, tool NIST inside, lesbians and members of other social groups, which identify themselves with the political goals of the group. It steps actively against the Stigmatisierung of humans with AIDS, a problem in the establishment time in the USA, where the illness was represented as "gay epidemic" or "punishment of God", current was in particular. It proceeds likewise radically against groups, which engage themselves against the use and distribution of condoms, as for instance the Roman-catholic church.

Likewise the Pharmakonzerne turned out in the visor of the activists, because of the price structuring for the medicines against the virus, as e.g. AZT, which came again in the establishment time of the organization on the market and cost up to 10.000$ per year for the treated ones. ACT UP stated that they obstructed the permission of newer, more effective medicines by the employment of their lobbyists, in order to be able to draw from initial false productions as long a profit as possible.


In order to implement their goals, ACT UP sought to sensitize the population for the topic as it substantial forming of an opinion operated. Here they particularly sought to occur in the mass media. The topic AIDS was avoided to a large extent up to then in the media; isolated mentions of the new epidemic disease represented homosexual ones and drug-dependent rather negatively, and linked the illness with a moral evaluation and an alleged personal debt. ACT UP represented however different starting points and these with creativity publicly represented and tried newspapers and evening messages than multiplicator of their messages to use.

Particularly to mention here a demonstration is on 11 October 1988 before the seat '' of the Food and Drug administration '' (FDA). Additionally to medium-fair pictorial material the participants of the demonstration got in advance training courses over as bureaucratic and slowly criticized function of the FDA, by which according to ACT UP important medicines were blocked. Also the media were informed already before and invited by hundreds calls with journalists and carefully prepared press briefcases. The media reacted as hoped for and moved the problem of AIDS and the demands of ACT UP in the political field of vision.


The organization, which is world-wide active in the meantime, celebrated 2002 its existence. This cause the film Fight became bakes, Fight AIDS: 15 Years OF ACT UP of the Ressigeurs James Wentzy publishes. The film is a documentation over the network, which caused a crucial turn in the treatment of the topic AIDS. In addition, it is a reminder that the clearing-up and prevention work in things AIDS must be driven also up-to-date still without reduction in front.

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