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Belongs to achievement hats (hat competitions Trials) like the protection dog to the customs examinations for the working dog, the customs dog. With achievement hats interaction is evaluated by Hirte and dog (EN), driving and holding the herd together.

Example detention becomes here achievement hats of the sports association (shepherd dog association). briefly marked out.

With carrying out us hats have Hirte and dogs tasks to fulfill to be evaluated:

  1. Auspferchen. A strange herd of at least 200 animals is removed by the shepherd with 2 dogs from a corral (fenced area). After the herd left the corral, the dogs hold the herd together.
  2. Bridge. The herd must over a bridge, or simulated bridge, to be floated. The dogs prevent that sheep at the bridge run past.
  3. Obstacles, traffic: The task is, the herd broad road along floats. The dogs are for the fact suctions that they are not endangered by traffic, by moving between herd and vehicles.
  4. Behavior in the far . A far can be a large flat one, which is not enclosed, the sheep is only part to use. The dogs patrollieren around the herd and hold them together at the permitted area spaciously.
  5. Behavior in the close . Here the area is limited much, the sheep stands and eats thus on very close area. Since the tightness causes the fact that the sheep the tendency have the area too leave has to do the dogs very much.
  6. Close way: Long and close driving way. The dogs must hold and prevent the herd on the way that they eat damage at the sides through arrange.
  7. A on: by means of the dogs the herd is driven into a corral.

All these points are evaluated individually and with different scores. During the whole time besides obedience, diligence and is evaluated which judges pay attention to it like the individual dog its tasks fulfilled and as it for example with sheep deal, which left the herd.

There are still different hat competitions the other is sufficient, with animals which can be guarded less, with only one dog etc.

See also dog haven, house dog

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