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6. Paris Arrondissement, the Arrondissement you, already finds his origin to Luxembourg in the Roman settlement of the left Seine bank. The concentrated expansion to the south found however only in 19. Century instead of.

Geographical location

6. Arrondissement is directly because of the Rive Gauche, to the left Seine bank. It borders in the west on 5. Arrondissement, in the south at 14. Arrondissement, and in the west at 15. and 7. Arrondissement. On the opposite Seine side that is to 1. Arrondissement, with the western point of the de la

Quarter one in 6. Arrondissement

6. Arrondissement consists of the following four boroughs:

  • Accomodation de la Monnaie
  • Accomodation de
  • Accomodation Notre lady the Champs
  • Accomodation Saint Germain the

After the official counting that Paris boroughs concerns it thereby accomodation the 21 to 24.

Demographic data

After the census of 1999 44,903 inhabitants are announced in the 215ha large Arrondissement. That corresponds to a population density of 20.893 Einwohnern/km

Politics and administration

City hall

The city hall 6. Arrondissements is at the Place pc. Sulpice, in the rue Bonaparte 78, 75006 Paris, telephone: 01/4046 75 06.


Mayor 6. Arrondissement is for March 2001 Jean Pierre Lecoq, member of the right liberals a party union pour un Mouvement Populaire (UMP; dt.: People movement union).

Objects of interest

  • de Flore
  • Beaux kinds
  • Fontaine de
  • of the Monnaies (museum)
  • Institut de France
  • La Closerie of the Lilas
  • Les deux Magots
  • Eug¨ne Delacroix
  • Hbert
  • Zadkine
  • Notre-Dame of the Champs
  • Palace you Luxembourg
  • Petit Luxembourg
  • Pont kinds
  • Pont Neuf
  • Pc. Germain the
  • Pc. Sulpice
  • national de

Green belts

  • Jardin you Luxembourg

Traffic and infrastructure

Important roads

  • Avenue de l'Observatoire
  • Boulevard de Montparnasse
  • Boulevard Raspail
  • Boulevard pc. Germain
  • Boulevard pc. Michel
  • Rue Bonaparte
  • Rue d'Assas
  • Rue de Rennes
  • Rue de
  • Rue de Vaugirard
  • Rue you Cherche Midi
  • Rue you Four
  • Rue Notre-Dame of the Champs
  • Quai Malaquais
  • Quai de Conti
  • Quai of the Grands August in

Important places

  • Place A. Honnorat
  • Place de l'Institut
  • Place you 18. Juin 1940
  • Place Edmond rust and
  • Place Paul Claudel
  • Place pc. kinds
  • Place pc. Michel
  • Place pc. Sulpice

Stations and

By and along 6. Arrondissements lead the 4, 10 and 12.

The RER lines B and C hold by the Place pc. Michel in the northeast of the Arrondissements.

Important churches

  • Pc. Germain the
  • Pc. Sulpice
  • Notre-Dame of the Champs

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