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5. Paris Arrondissement, the Arrondissement de , is the oldest of the 20 Paris Arrondissements. It covers the largest part of the Quatier Latin, which the Romans in the antique one built.

Geographical location

5. Arrondissement is because of the left Seine bank. It borders separately in the north by the Seine on 4. Arrondissement, in the west at 6. , in the south at 14. and in the east at 13. Arrondissement,

Quarter one in 5. Arrondissement

5. Arrondissement consists of the following four boroughs:

  • Accomodation Saint Victor
  • Accomodation you Jardin plan width unit
  • Accomodation you Val de
  • Accomodation de la Sorbonne

After the official counting that Paris boroughs concerns it thereby accomodation the 17 to 20.

Demographic data

After the census from 1999 large 5 was in the 254 hectar. Arrondissement of 58,849 inhabitants announced. Enstspricht a population density of 23.169 inhabitants per km Thus have in the Arrondissement de 2.7% that Paris population their main domicile.

City hall

The city hall 5. Arrondissements is in 21 place you 75009 Paris. Telephone: 01 56 81 75 05.


5. Arrondissements is conservatively and intellectually coined/shaped (many university member, journalists and writers live in the quarter). The Arrondissement of the choice was red-elect by Jacques Chirac and by Jean Tiberi, mayor of the Arrondissement, in the year 2001 against the socialist Lyne Cohen Solal.


Objects of interest

  • Arena of Lutetia (frz. de
  • de France
  • normal (ENS)
  • Polytechnique (historical buildings, partly occupied by de la search, the Campus is moved after Palaiseau)
  • Paris address Institut national agronomique Paris Grignon (INA P-G)
  • you Val de
  • national you Moyen (national museum of the Middle Ages) formerly admits under de Cluny
  • Institut you moons Arabe (Institut of the Arab world)
  • Jardin plan width unit (Botani garden)
  • Henri IV
  • edge of Louis putting
  • de la search (in particular in the old buildings of the Polytechnique)
  • de Paris (mosque of Paris)
  • Sorbonne
  • de la Huchette
  • Paris iii (Sorbonne nouvelle)
  • Campus de Jussieu (Universities of Paris VI and Paris VII and IPGP)

Important roads

  • Rue of the Anglais
  • Rue of the
  • Square of the de
  • Rue you Cardinal Lemoine
  • Rue of the Carmes
  • Rue Censier
  • Rue Claude Bernard
  • Rue de la Clef
  • Rue Clovis
  • Place de la Contrescarpe
  • Avenue of the Gobelins
  • Rue Gay Lussac
  • Rue Geoffroy Saint Hilaire
  • Rue de la Harpe
  • Rue de la Huchette
  • Rue Jussieu
  • Rue
  • Rue lying rank
  • Rue de la Montagne Sainte
  • Rue Mouffetard
  • Place you
  • Rue Pierre et Marie curie
  • Rue Poliveau
  • Rue of the Saint
  • Boulevard Saint Germain
  • Rue Saint Jacques
  • Boulevard Saint Michel
  • Rue Saint
  • Rue de la Sorbonne
  • Rue d'Ulm

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