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20. Paris Arrondissement, the Arrondissement de , is a Arrondissements.Es Paris of 20 based in the year 1860 by the incorporation of the former municipalities Belleville, and Charonne.

Geographical location

20. Arrondissement lies on the right Seine bank. It borders in the west on the 11. , in the north at 19. and in the south at 12. Arrondissement.

Quarter one in 20. Arrondissement

The Arrondissement consists of the following four boroughs:

  • Accomodation de Belleville
  • Accomodation Saint Fargeau
  • Accomodation you Lachaise
  • Accomodation de Charonne

After the official counting that Paris boroughs concerns it thereby accomodation the 77 to 80.

Demographic data

After the census from 1999 large 20 was in the 598 hectar. Arrondissement of 182,952 inhabitants announced. Enstspricht a population density of 30.594 inhabitants per km Thus have in this Arrondissement 8.3% that Paris population their main domicile.

City hall

The city hall 20. Arrondissements is in the 6 place Gambetta, 75020 Paris, telephone: 01


Mayor since the last choice in March 2001 is Michel Charzat, member of the French socialist party HP.


  • Notre lady de la Croix
  • Saint Germain de Charonne


  • Lachaise
  • '' Cemetery of Belleville

Important roads

  • Rue de Bagnolet
  • Rue Belgrand
  • Rue de Belleville
  • Boulevard de Charonne
  • Boulevard Davout
  • Avenue Gambetta
  • Rue of the Orteaux
  • Rue de
  • Boulevard de
  • Boulevard Mortier
  • Rue of the
  • Cours de Vincennes

Admitted personalities the Arrondissements

  • Architect
    • Lejeune, designed most buildings in the area around the Rue Belgrand
  • Artist:
    • Lucien Martial, painter
    • Duret, painter, born 1921
    • Jean Zygel, French musician and composer
  • Politician
    • Jacques Duclos, communist, selected delegates 20. Arrondissements with the elections of 1928, where it struck Blum.
    • Marcel socialist, selected delegates 20. Arrondissements with the elections of 1928, where it struck Jacques Duclos.
    • Alain Riou, more conseiller municipal, in the year of 2003 chairmen of the Greens
  • Scientist:
    • Albert Besson, Mediziner, Hygienist, more conseiller municipal of Saint Fargeau into the 1930er years,
    • The brothers Chappe, inventor of the optical Telegrafie

Green areas

  • Parc de Belleville
  • Jardin naturel

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