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19. Paris Arrondissement, the Arrondissement of the Buttes Chaumont, is a Arrondissements Paris of 20. Completely the Arrondissement been because of the northeast edge of the capital in the year 1860 from the incorporation of some surrounding places resulted. It consists of the municipality La Villette and in each case parts of the municipalities Belleville, Aubervilliers and Pantin (see also Belleville).

Geographical location

19. Arrondissement lies on the right Seine bank. It borders in the north on the municipality Aubervilliers, in the west on 18. and 10. Arrondissement, in the east to the municipalities Pantin and Saint Gervais and in the south at 20. Arrondissement.

Quarter one in 19. Arrondissement

The Arrondissement consists of the following four boroughs:

  • Accomodation de la Villette
  • Accomodation you Pont de Flandres
  • Accomodation
  • Accomodation you Combat

After the official counting that Paris boroughs concerns it thereby accomodation the 73 to 76.

Demographic data

After the census from 1999 large 19 was in the 679 hectar. Arrondissement of 172,730 inhabitants announced. Enstspricht a population density of 25.439 inhabitants per km Thus have in the Arrondissement 7.9% that Paris population their main domicile.

City hall

The city hall 19. Arrondissements is in the 5-7 Place arm and Carrel, 75019 Paris, telephone: 01 44 52 29 19.


Mayor since the next to last choice in the year 1995 is Roger Madec, member of the socialist party HP.


The two most important roads of the Arrondissements are the Avenue de Flandre and the Avenue Jean both rich up to the Place de Stalingrad. 19. Arrondissement crossed by the channels Canal Saint Denis and Canal de l'Ourcq, which cross on height of the Parc de la Villette. On height of the Rue de , underneath the last of Paris, flows the Canal de l'Ourcq la Villette de into the basin, which with the Canal Saint Martin is connected.


  • Hospital Robert
  • Archives de Paris
  • Henri Bergson

The historical urban funeral enterprises are in addition interesting into 104 rue d'Aubervilliers, which are to be transformed soon into large the culture dedicated centers.

Green areas

Beside the Parc de la Villette is the Parc of the Buttes Chaumont the second largest park of the Arrondissements. The latter was put on in the year 1867 by baron Haussmann and arranged later by Alphand and Badrillet.

Objects of interest

  • Parc de la Villette, in it contain
    • of the sciences et de l'industrie
    • a spherical IMAX cinema,
    • de la musique
    • Conservatoire national de musique et de danse de Paris
    • and many further attractions

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