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13. Paris Arrondissement, the Arrondissement of the Gobelins, is a Arrondissements Paris of 20. This former worker quarter does not have a routistic meaning. Nowadays it is mainly admits asiatique for its accomodation ("asiatic quarter ") and for in the year 1990 the settled French national library.

Geographical location

13. Arrondissement lies on the left Seine bank. It borders separately in the north by the Seine on 12. Arrondissement, in the west at 14. and 5. Arrondissement.

Quarter one in 13. Arrondissement

The Arrondissement consists of the following four boroughs:

  • Accomodation de la , defined by the boulevard Vincent Auriol, the Seine, the Avenue of the Gobelins, the boulevard Saint Marcel and the boulevard de . In this quarter is the de la Salptri¨re.
  • Accomodation de la refines, defined by the boulevard , the Seine, the Avenue d'Italie and the boulevard Vincent Auriol.
  • Accomodation de la Maison Blanche, defined by the Avenue d'Italie, the boulevard , the boulevard August Blanqui and 14. Arrondissement.
  • Accomodation de Croulebarbe, defined by the boulevard August Blanqui, the Rue de la , the Avenue of the Gobelins and the boulevard de Port Royal. Here are also the Avenue of the Gobelins and the Manufacture of the Gobelins.

After the official counting that Paris boroughs concerns it thereby accomodation the 49 to 52.Neben of the official administrative organization speaks itself one also colloquially of the following quarters:

  • Butte aux Cailles
  • Accomodation asiatique, which refines "asiatic quarters "in the accomodation de la
  • Paris Rive Gauche and/or its Rive Gauche (on the left of the Seine): Its northern part lies in the accomodation de la , which refines southern in the accomodation de la. One of the largest building sites of France occupies here at present the eastern part of the Arrondissements along the Seine.

Demographic data

After the census from 1999 large 13 was in the 715 hectar. Arrondissement of 171,533 inhabitants announced. Enstspricht a population density of 23.991 inhabitants per km Thus have in the Arrondissement 7.8% that Paris population their main domicile.

City hall

The city hall 13. Arrondissements is in the 1 place d'Italie, 75013 Paris, telephone: 01 44 08 13 13.



Mayor since the last choice in March 2001 is Serge Blisko, member of the French socialist party HP.



13. Arrondissement resulted from the expansion Paris' in the year 1860. It consists Arrondissements and the former municipalities Gentilly and the Ivry sur Seine of parts of the old XII ten. It got the number 13, because at the same time likewise again created today's 16. Arrondissement this number rejected.

Industry and technology around the turn of the century

The quarters 13. Arrondissements were a witness of some important technical progress. The first balloon drivers in mankind history, de Rozier and d'Arlandes, landed Cailles on 21 November 1783 on the Butte aux, after they had ascended with the de la Muette. In the center 19. Century to in 20. Century inside that was 13. Arrondissement coined/shaped of strong industrielle activities: In the year 1891 Panhard and Levassor created closely beside the havens d'Ivry those world-wide first Automobilfabrik.Die Chocolaterie Meunier their location and the factories Say and SUDAC produced hatt here in Paris urban networks needed compressed air.

Enterprise "Italie 13 "

The convenient part of the Arrondissements d'Italie in the south of the Place was in the second half 20. Century article more fundamentally change before the Second World War was partial reconditioned the Jeanne d'Arc (boulevard Vincent Auriol). Also further city areas were reconditioned: Area No. 13 (boulevard August Blanqui), area No. 4 (approximately around the Place national one), the area most important enterprises however is the so-called enterprise "Italie 13 ". Inspired by the urbanen theories of Le Corbusier, it should transform the range around Butte aux Cailles, Rue national one, boulevard Vincent Auriol up to havens d'Italie. Result were more than thirty multistoried buildings high around the hundred meters, insbsondere in the area "Olympiades ".

Zuwanderung, emergence asiatic quarter

To the time, when this enterprise became to unterbochen, in the middle of the 1970er years, the first vietnamesischen refugees came into the Arrondissement. They found place into the new, but to a large extent empty-standing next wave of refugees and immigrants from Southeast Asia, predominantly from Kambodscha and Laos, later from China, transformed a part in the south of the Arrondissements into the accomodation asiatique, without forming however a kind kind "Ghetto ", as in other Chinatowns.

Current development

New large construction work at the beginning of the 1990er begun in the eastern part of the Arrondissements with the building of the national one de France and the wide organization of the new quarter of Paris Rive Gauche along the Seine. It is the only quarter, itself not in the periphery of the Place d'Italie finds. By course rails refine d'Austerlitz' from the remainder of the Arrondissements separately and partly from it covered, turn this quarter on the other hand Seine banks, there tied up at the Parc de Bercy over the 14. It is to cover the whole bank of refines on a long-term basis d'Austerlitz up to the boulevard . It concerns thereby still one of the largest building sites of France.


On 26 August 2005 a fire disaster in one of African families demanded inhabited buildings in the 20 boulevard Vincent Auriol 17 dead ones, under it 13 children.

Objects of interest

  • national de France (BNF)
  • Refine d'Austerlitz
  • Manufacture of the Gobelins
  • de la Salptri¨re: Established on the location of an old powder magazine, the hospital sits down together from several to in the middle 19. Century built for buildings. In the center one finds the church Saint Louis de la

Green areas

  • Parc de Choisy
  • Parc cellar man
  • Jardin you Moulin de la punchline

Important roads and places

The heart of the Arrondissement is the circular Place d'Italie. Here gather both the important boulevards and Avenues and the Metrolinien. At the same time it forms the boundary of the quarters of Butte aux for Cailles, Gobelins and accomodation asiatique.

  • Place de Georges
  • Boulevard August Blanqui
  • Rue Bobillot
  • Rue Boussingault
  • Avenue de Choisy
  • Avenue de France
  • Rue de la
  • Avenue of the Gobelins
  • Boulevard de
  • Avenue d'Italie
  • Place d'Italie
  • Avenue d'Ivry
  • Boulevard cellar man
  • Bboulevard
  • Rue you Moulin de la punchline
  • Place de Rungis
  • Rue de Tolbiac
  • Boulevard Vincent Auriol
  • Rue Watt

Public suburban traffic

The Arrondissement taken off by the lines 5, 6, 7 and 14 that Paris Metro and by the line C rer. over in the north of the Arrondissements the station lain refine d'Austerlitz arrives one with the SNCF into the south of France. The small ring line lain in the south (franz. "ligne de Petite Ceinture ") formerly the goods traffic completed, today is shut down it. Starting from December 2006 the new line 3 that is to serve the south of the Arrondissements of Paris streetcar.

Sports sites

  • Stade at the border to 14. Arrondissement
  • Georges Carpentier resounds, connected with some stages in a wide sport complex ostlich from the boulevard

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