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12. Paris Arrondissement, the Arrondissement de Reuilly, is a Arrondissements Paris of 20.

Geographical location

12. Arrondissement lies on the right Seine bank. It borders in the west on 4. , in the north to the 11. and 20. and separately in the south by the Seine at 13. Arrondissement. To 12. Arrondissement belongs also the Bois de Vincennes in the southeast.

Quarter one in 12. Arrondissement

The Arrondissement consists of the following four boroughs:

  • Accomodation you Bel air
  • Accomodation de Picpus
  • Accomodation de Bercy
  • Accomodation of the Quinze Vingts

After the official counting that Paris boroughs concerns it thereby accomodation the 33 to 36.

Demographic data

After the census from 1999 large 12 was in the 637 hectar. Arrondissement of 136,591 inhabitants announced (Bois de Vincennes excluded). Enstspricht a population density of 21.443 inhabitants per km Thus have in the Arrondissement 6.2% that Paris population their main domicile.

City hall

The city hall 12. Arrondissements is in the 130 avenue Daumesnil, 75012 Paris, telephone: 01 44 68 12 12



since the last choice in March 2001 is Blumenthal, member of the French socialist party their predecessors was from 1995 to 2001 Jean Pernin of the UDF and of 1977 to 1995 Paul Pernin.


In this Arrondissement one can find the oldest traces of the human settlement of the Paris Terretoriums. The excavations in the quarter of Bercy on the left side of an old Seitenarmes of the Seine show remnants of a village from the time between that 4. and 3. Millenium v.Chr. one found here unusual archeologisches material: Einbaum from wood, arrow and elbow, tools from bones and stones.

That is administrative 12. Arrondissement in the year 1860 resulted, at present to the expansion Paris' from Annektierung of the neighbour municipalities:

  • from a part of the old Vii ith Arrondissements
  • from the complete area of the former municipality Bercy
  • from a part of the former municipality Saint (the today's quarters of Bel air and Picpus)

Objects of interest

12. Arrondissement, during the largest part of its history a residential area and apart of Paris, has to exhibit few objects of interest, most is newer date.

  • Basin de l'Arsenal
  • fran§aise in the building of the former American center (architect: Franc Gehry)
  • The station refines de Lyon with its clock tower (architect: Marius Toudoire, inauguration: 1900)
  • The French Treasury
  • Bastille opera (architect: Carlo Ott, inauguration: 1989)
  • Palace omnisports de Paris Bercy (architect: Michel Andrault and Pierre ready, inauguration: 1984, place of many concerts and the ATP tennis Hallenturniers Paris of Masters
  • Palace de la havens (architect: Albert Laprade, Einweihung: 1931)
  • Viaduc kind
  • Bercy Village


Beginning in the northwest the clockwise direction following the Arrondissement limited duch the following roads:

  • Place de la Bastille
  • Rue you Faubourg Saint Antoine
  • Place de la nation
  • Avenue you
  • Cours de Vincennes
  • Boulevard de la Guyane
  • Bois de Vincennes, to 12. Arrondissement belonging
  • Boulevard
  • Quai de Bercy
  • Quai de la
  • Boulevard de la Bastille

Further roads

  • Boulevard de Bercy
  • Rue de Charenton
  • avenue Daumesnil (their extension the northern border of the Bois de Vincennes forms)
  • Boulevard Diderot
  • Boulevard de Picpus
  • Boulevard Poniatowski
  • Rue de Lyon
  • Boulevard Soult
  • Rue (Fssg¤ngerzone)

Public suburban traffic

'' 12. Arrondissement' will go through 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 14 that Paris Metro from the lines. The different quarters of the Arrondissements are served by the following 17 stations:

  • Bastille (lines 1, 5 and 8)
  • Bel air (line 6)
  • Bercy (lines 6 and 14)
  • Cour Saint (line 14), from here goes it to the Bercy Village
  • Daumesnil (lines 6 and 8)
  • Dugommier (line 6)
  • Faidherbe - Chaligny (line 8)
  • Refine de Lyon (lines 1 and 14)
  • Ledru Rollin (line 8)
  • Michel Bizot (line 8)
  • Montgallet (line 8)
  • Nation (lines 1, 2, 6 and 9)
  • Reuilly - Diderot (lines 1 and 8)
  • Picpus (line 6)
  • Havens de Charenton (line 8)
  • Havens de Vincennes (line 1)
  • Havens (line 8)

The Arrondissement possesses in addition two stations of the RER, refines de Lyon and refines de la nation. The Buslinien (20, 63 et 65) end to refine de Lyon. The other lines 24, 29, 46 or 87, cross the Arrondissement. In the east the line PC1 ends with the havens de Charenton, whereas the line PC2 goes through completely the area of the part of the boulevard of the lain in the Arrondissement. Further lines in the Arrondissement are the 20, 56, 57, 61, 62, 91, 109 et 111 or in their extension 26, 76, 86 et 351.

Green areas

  • Jardin de l'Arsenal
  • Square Albert Tournaire
  • Parc de Bercy
  • Jardin you boulevard Carnot
  • Square Charles
  • Square Courteline
  • Jardin Cohl
  • Jardin 54, rue de
  • Square Rossif
  • Jardin de la refine de Reuilly
  • Jardin Hector Malot
  • Square de la place de la nation
  • Jardin you boulevard de Picpus
  • Promenade
  • Jardin de Reuilly
  • Square Saint (also Square de la Baleine called)
  • Square Trousseau
  • Bois de Vincennes


  • de Bercy
  • de Picpus

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